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Chapter Equipment

Chapter Caboose 2.jpg

Caboose C207 was constructed in 1914.  Originally built for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company, it was assigned to the railroad's Brunswick, Maryland Yard in classification duty.  In 1948, the B&O sold the C207 to the Winchester and Wester Railroad where it was used in mainline train service.  After eventually being demoted to a crew shop by the W&W, the 2C207 was finally donated to the Winchester Chapter in 1974.

Today, through the efforts of Winchester Chapter members, the C207 caboose has been restored to its original condition.   The public may tour the C207 throughout the year.  Contact the Chapter for the next tour opportunity.

The Chapter's Track Speeder was constructed in December, 1948 by the Fairmont Gas Engine and Railway Motor Car Company of Fairmont, Minnesota for the Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad.  It is a St2-H-1 model that was to be used in East York, Pennsylvania.  Chapter members were able to discover the history by verifying the engine numbers with Fairmont company records.  For many years, the car was on display at the Tuscarora Mill restaurant complex in Leesburg, Virginia.  The Chapter invites additional contributions on the car's history and journey.

NRHS Speeder.png

The Winchester Chapter is currently working with Miller Milling of Wisconsin on the donation of its retired “Winchester Plant” locomotive engine #820.


The locomotive is an EMD NW2 which was originally built for the Erie Railroad in October 1949 and numbered 421. It passed thru Conrail as #9228 before ending up with the Black River and Western and purchased in 2006 by Miller Milling for its Winchester, Va Pasta Plant.  The Chapter has hopes to restore the locomotive.

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