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Regular Meetings

The Winchester Chapter meets on the second Saturday of every month at Calvary Covenant Brethren Church.  After a brief business discussion, those attending enjoy an entertaining and informative audio-visual program.  Each program is railroad themed and is appropriate for any age.

Meeting Times:

   Jr. Railroaders (Bi-monthly)                       6:30 pm


   Winchester Chapter Meeting                   7:30 pm


Railroadiana or railwayana refers to artifacts of currently or formerly operating railways around the world. Railroadiana can include items such as:

⁕public or employee timetables

⁕promotional or advertising materials from railway passenger and freight service

⁕brakeman's or marker lanterns

⁕horns and train whistles

⁕locomotive nameplates or builder's plates

⁕station signs and railway signals

⁕dining car linens, holloware, cutlery and china

⁕sleeping car linens

⁕datenails, rail spikes or short sections of rail

⁕train dispatching forms and train orders

⁕railroad hand tools such as wrenches, shovels and brakeman's clubs

Your Railfan Partner in the Northern Shenandoah Valley

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